Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lights all assembled and pre-wired

Panels all assembled and pre-wired

One of the foundation forms.
24 inch diameter - 38 inch deep
the wood is supporting the metal frame work
it will be removed once the concrete is set

Second foundation option
The wood section sits on top of a 36 inch deep, 20 inch square box of hardie
The wood is supporting the metal frame work
and will be removed once the concrete is set

Panel mounter to the frame supporting frame
Unlike the prototype - the panels are positioned horizontally

Close-up of panel connection to framework

View of the post

Base of the post

The finished product

Monday, January 16, 2012

2315 AD

Signs of a Water Problem

Protecting the Home

First Glimpse at the Problem


Signs of the Leak

Damage to the Sub-Floor

Taking Apart the Bathroom

Wet Drywall Behind Shower Valve

This has been Leaking for a While...

The Dark Areas are Mold

Shower Liner is Holding Water

The Underneath of Shower Liner is Wet

Floor Has Rotted Completely Through

The Toilet Has Also Been Leaking

Looking Up From the Kitchen

Removing the Floor

The Concrete Shower Base was Supported Here !

Mold Has Affected the Insulation

Floor Replaced

 Removing Floor Under Toilet

Starting to Rebuild Shower Walls

New Supply Lines and Shower Valve in Place

Rebuilt Bath Frame

Toilet Floor Replaced and New Flange Installed

Installing the Hardie-Backer


Starting to Tile



Restoring the Kitchen Ceiling

Starting the Grouting

New Shower Installed

Installing the Enclosure

The Finished Shower