Wednesday, November 16, 2011

448 OD

Initial View of the problem

Ceiling Removed - View of Water Damage to Roof

This is Where the Water Was Getting In

Additional Bracing to Rotten Roof Trusses

Replacing Part of the Roof Decking

New Water-Proof Membrane

The Roof Restored

First Section of Ceiling Installed

More Ceiling Panels

Almost Done

Painting the Ceiling

Outer Part of the Ceiling Completed

Whole Porch Ceiling Installed and Painted

2723 SKP - Balcony Repair and Repaint

The Weather has taken it's Toll

Dismantleling The Railing and Deck

Sanding Back to Solid Wood

Old Deck supports Removed

All Sanded Down and Ready for Sealing

A Little Bit of Encouragement to Straighten Front Ledger

Sealed and Painted - Installing New Joists

Six New Joists Instead of the Old Four 

Bottom Trim Installed

Laying Out the Decking Boards

Decking Boards and Handrails Secured

View From the Bedroom

View from the Neighbour's Balcony

Final View from the Ground