Thursday, December 8, 2011

5503 WBT - Repaint and Repair

The Home has Been Washed ...

... and Trenched

Filling in the Cracks

Elastomeric Compound on Lower Wall

Painting the Home

Monday, December 5, 2011

448 OD - Bathroom


Floor is Wet and has Mold on it

Section of Porch Ceiling (under bathroom) with Mold

Damage is caused by Leaking Toilet

The Floor is so Weak that the Tile has Cracked

Temporary Brace Under Toilet

Temporary Seal Under Toilet


Shower Enclosure Has Been Set Aside

Taking Down the Shower Walls

Vanity and Toilet Disconnected and Removed

The Cause of the Problem

A Closer Look at the Crack in the Flange

Mold Under the Tiled Floor

The Shower Has Also been Leaking...
... But the Membrane Did Not Fail

All Cleaned Out and Ready for the Floor to be Replaced

Taking Out the Floor

Floor's Gone

New Floor in Place

Toilet Plumbing Connected

New Shower Pan in Place

and Plumbing Connected

Starting on the Walls

Seat in Place

Most of the Walls are Up

Floor Backing in Place

Walls ready for Tiling

Starting the Tiling

Installing the Listello

Almost Finished Tiling

Dry Laying the Floor

Shower Partially Grouted

The Vanity has been Replaced ...

... so has the Toilet

Testing the Shower

The Final Views