Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TR 417

Some "Before-we-start" shots:


Kitchen Counter-Top Removed

Baseboards Removed
Doors and Baseboard Stacked for Painting

Some of the Paint has Arrived
Start of Painting the Ceilings

A Small Problem
Whilst Removing the Carpet Gripper, the Concrete
at the Patio Door Threshold Crumbled Away.
We Will Replace it with High-Tensile Concrete

The Tile Has Arrived

First Coat of Paint on the Walls

Painting the Window Sills

Second Coat of Paint Going on to the Walls

Original Toilet Removed

New Toilet in Place

Entrance Way Painted

Master Bedroom Fully Painted

Master Bathroom Restored

Small Master Bathroom Closet

Rear Left Bedroom 

Rear Right Bedroom

Torn Screen in Rear Left Bedroom
Caused by Palm Tree Leaf Moving in the Wind



New Toilet Sealed In
Starting the Tiling in the Rear Right Bedroom

More Tile Down

Rear Right Bedroom Fully Tiled

Rear Left Bedroom Tiled

Patio Door Threshold Filled Back In

Tiling the Lounge

Lounge Fully Tiled

Master Bedroom Tiled

Master Bedroom Passageway

Transition Strip Between Kitchen and Lounge

Kitchen Cut In...

... and Painted in Two Coats

Master Bedroom Floor Being Grouted

Sreen in Rear Left Bedroom Repaired

New Screen in Master Bedroom

New Blind in Master Bedroom

Bath Being Sealed

Rear Left Bedroom Grouted

Rear Right Bedroom Grouted

Master Bedroom Grouted

Lounge Grouted

Acid Washing the Floors to Remove Grout Haze

Installing Baseboards

Sealing the Baseboards

Washing Machine and Dryer




New Patio Table Top


Fire Extinguisher

Appliance Manuals

The "We are Finished" Shots
Rear Left Bedroom

Rear Right Bedroom

Linnen Closet



 Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Closet

Entry Way

AC and Heater Closet

Kitchen - Still Waiting on the Countertop

Not any more...
 Countertop Installed
Project Completed