Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RR 1062

Drywall Cut Away from Bath Surround

Removing the Bath Surround

All Gone - Waiting on New Bath

New Bath Installed

Hardie Installed and Tiling Started

Tiles Being Installed

Tiling Finished

Whole Bathroom Finished

Sunday, January 9, 2011

BFP 2300-205


Green Bedroom

Blue Bedroom

Brown Bedroom

Tile and Adhesive Have Arrived

Starting Tiling the Blue Bedroom

Main Floor in Blue Bedroom Tiled

Starting the Brown Bedroom

Door Threshold in Brown Bedroom

Main Floor Tiled in Brown Bedroom

Starting the Green Bedroom

End of First Day of Tiling

Tiling Finished in the Green Bedroom

... the Blue Bedroom

... the Brown Bedroom

... the Linen Closet that Nobody Mentioned

Blue Bedroom Grouted

Linen Closet

Grouting Brown Bedroom Closet

Brown Bedroom Grouted...

... so is the Green Bedroom

Baseboard Installed in the Green Bedroom...

... the Blue Bedroom ...

... and the Brown Bedroom

Grout Lines Being Sealed

Blue Bedroom Finished

Linen Closet Finished

Brown Bedroom Finished

Green Bedroom Finished