Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ED 7585 - Repairs

We Found the Leak in the Garage

Previous Roof Repair

Enclosing the AC Unit

Door Frame Installed

Faulty Valve - Cause of the Leak

Rebar Removed and Wall Filled

Grout Removed on Top Landing

Ceiling in Garage Replaced

Cracks on the Annex Wall

Annex Wall Cracks Chased and Filled

With the Grout Removed the Tiles Started Moving

Removing Original Poor Quality Mud

Ready to Re-Lay the Tile

Walls have been Painted

Extra Screws Installed into Top Floor Hardie 

Laying the Top Floor Landing

Top Floor Landing Re-Tiled

AC Units Have Been Sealed

Second Floor Landing Being Re-Tiled

Ceiling Under the Garage AC Unit

Shower Rail and Curtain Installed

Top Floor Landing Grouted 

Front Bathroom Tiled

Second Floor Landing Tiled

Top of Wall Repaired

Garage Floor Being Cleaned

Moisture Marks on Garage Walls

New Garage Panel Installed

Garage Floor Being Painted

Front Bathroom Floor Grouted

Second Landing Floor Grouted

 Removing Tile in Annex Bathroom

Old Shower Valve Removed

New Valve Installed

Hardie On

Wall Section Tiled...

... and Grouted

Jacuzzi Side Removed...

... Replaced ...

... and Grouted

Jacuzzi Bath Sealed

Jacuzzi Motor Access Panel Installed

Old Fan on Second Balcony

New Fan on Second Balcony

Flood Lights Replaced

Troubleshooting Exhaust Vent Problem

Fixed and Replaced

Power Washing Courtyard and Driveway

Front Bathroom Shower Enclosure Installed

*   *   *   *   *


Master Bedroom - Top Floor

Master Bathroom - Top Floor

Second Bedroom - Top Floor

Top Floor Landing

Master Bedroom - Second Floor

Master Bathroom - Second Floor

Second Bedroom - Second Floor

Front Bathroom - Second Floor

Second Floor Landing

Annex Bathroom

Annex Staircase

The Garage / Games Room