Monday, October 31, 2011

7491 GD - Ceiling Repair

Signs of the Problem

Very Wet Drywall

Corroded Light Can

Damage to AC Platform 

Water Still Dripping

Water Damage to Insulation

Damaged Ceiling Section Removed

New Decking Install for the AC Units

Straightening Out the Drywall Cut

Insulation Installed

Drywall Up...

... Taped and Mudded...

... Floated

Texturing the Ceiling

Painting the Ceiling

Crown Re-Installed

Painting the Crown

Fully Finished Room

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

411 MFL - Temporary Leak Fix

Pressure Washing the Balcony

Signs of Water Beneath the Tile
(Watch for the Bubbles as the Tile is Compressed)

Installing the Neoprene Membrane

Signs of Water Intrusion Around the Light Fixture

Removing the Light Fixture
(Watch for Water Coming from the Fixture)

The Balcony Support Beams are Wet

Water Bubble above Bedroom Window

Evidence of Water Damage on Window Sill

Water Marks on Bathroom Ceiling

Water Marks on Lanai Ceiling

Signs of Water Running down Support Column

Saturday, October 15, 2011

136 MBB - Temporary Repairs

Collapsed Area of Garage Ceiling

View into Area Above the Problem

Other Parts of Damaged Ceiling

Wet Areas Removed

Ceiling Temporarily Closed Up

Friday, October 14, 2011

4663 CLB - Home Restoration

Marking out the Areas of Work

The Tear-Down

All the Garbage Loaded

Starting to Rebuild

Taping and Mudding the Drywall Seams

Floating Out the Seams

Painting the Woodwork

The AC has been repaired

Practise Session to Match Existing Texture Pattern

Texturing the Walls and Ceilings

The New Drywall has been Primered

Dismantling the Main Room Fan

Caulking the High Main Room Windows

Painting the Home

Installing the Carpet

New Fans in Downstairs Bedrooms


Some of the New Doors

New Vanity Top