Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1257 RS - Balcony

Opening up the column

 Rotten wood in the header beam

Stucco spider-cracking visible
after major rains

Pool covered up

Downstairs ceiling removed

Kitchen wall removed

Signs of water intrusion inside kitchen wall

Water damage in column by the house

Stripping the balcony dressing

The bulging strap shows how much the building has sagged

Roof shoring has arrived

 Closer view of balcony header

Shoring now supporting the roof

Building jacked back up - 
straps reverted almost back to normal

 Taking up the balcony floor covering

Balcony floor - ready to be removed 

Right side of the header beam

Removing the balcony floor

Looking up from the ground floor

Demolition almost completed

Stucco coming off the west wall

Almost ready for the next step

Last of the supports removed

Starting on the block columns

Header lintels installed

Rebar installed

Testing slope for the floor joists

Flooring joists installed

Pouring concrete into lintels and columns

Floor decking going down

Floor fully decked

Pressure released on the shoring

Shoring has been removed

Neoprene membrane going down

Starting on the Hardie

Wall dried-in - installing the lath

Shaping the window sills

Electrics being reconnected

Upstairs columns built out and cladded

Ventilation holes drilled in balcony joists

Ceilings have been installed

Installing Stucco on the main wall

Texturing the stucco

Main wall two thirds completed

Leveling the stucco

Tiling and grouting the balcony

Cleaning Up

Final views of the work so far

Finishing the painting

Painting the new stucco

Sealing the walls

Finals views of the completed project